why can't monsters get along with other monsters? (hermintage) wrote in dungeonesque,
why can't monsters get along with other monsters?

What? New graphics? Here?!

Tags: #graphics - icons, (interest) harry potter
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Taking 2 and 4 of house pride, as well as 2 and 4 out of sorting set. Oh and almost all of the miscellaneous icons. Thanks. They're awesome.
Lovely icons!! I'm taking 8, 11a, 11c, 12b, and the Hufflepuff sorting banner. I really love the way you've given these a worn look without overdoing it. So great!!
Awesomeness! Snagged 4 from misc, and the ravenclaw icon and banner from the sorting sets. Will credit when i use them. =) The banners are amazing!
I have absolutely no idea why since the woman is quite wretched in my opinion, but I am inexplicably drawn to 012b. :D I think it's the "crown". Snagged 010-011c, 012b, and 015d.

Thanks & will credit.
Took several icons and the Ravenclaw house pride banner~ Will credit if used! ♥
:D Very Awesome. Took 12a and 12d, 15d and slytherin 004! Thanks.

I have a feeling OOTP is going to be a good one!
Love your icons. Snagged a few and will credit.
I take the Ravanclaw House Pride Icon.
Taking Ravenclaw icon as well as 15e! Thanks! <3
taking llc, will credit when used

these are great as always :)
Taking the Slytherin and Ravenclaw icons/banners, which I absolutely love. Will credit when used!
took numbers 5 and 8 <3 Thanks for sharing I'll ofcourse credit when used :)
I find myself quite out of decent HP icons, so I'm snagging 4, 12b & 15d. These are gorgeous, thank you for sharing your art!