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Resource post: textures, stock

Name: Craft Study Textures
Type of Resource: Textures
Number of Files: 16 JPG Files
File Size, Pixels: 800x600
Download Size, Type: ~20 MB, .zip
Download Link: @DeviantArt

Name: Grunge Stock
Type of Resource: Stock Photos, Textures
Number of Files: 15 JPG Files
File Size, Pixels: 1440x1080
Download Size, Type: ~6 MB, .zip
Download Link: @DeviantArt

Plz to comment here or at DA if you take. Also, I am really curious as to whether or not you like/will use the stock photos, as I'm considering doing more sets like this. Feedback is love.

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(And yes, this is the artist formerly known as illgoest.)
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Guide: Using Textures

Intro: I can't even begin to say how many times I've been told, "I love your textures, but I have no idea how to use them!" So, in an effort to alleviate my usual shrugging response and maybe enlighten what textures can be used for and, possibly, even, how to use them, here's a small tutorial. I'm not kidding when I say small. I'm really, really not.

A few caveats: This is not the be-all/end-all texture-utilization tutorial because I don't think there is one proper technique, and I believe that everybody should come up with their own unique ways to use a texture. This is simply how I use textures, and even then, this is not in-depth at all. This contains no pictures of presets or tools or photoshop items of any kind; this is merely to give you examples and ideas. And I should also note that when I say "icons/graphics," I'm not actually covering how to use them on larger things other than icons at the moment because I just don't have the time, but I hope that you'll get the general idea from these small graphics and examples. Using textures "properly," if there is such a thing, merits a boat load of experimentation on your part, of finding the right textures to use, and knowing what color combinations can create, after the texture is applied, a certain look and feel.

And lastly, I hope that this will stop the question-asking. Or at least, if you ask more questions, this will help me write a better guideline in the future. Maybe I will write a guide for using textures in larger graphics eventually, but I'm not quite sure, at this point, how to explain it anyway! So hah. At any rate, now, if you or someone you know is asked the question, you can say, hey! hermintage answered that! It's over here!

What this covers: This exquisitely small and somewhat pretentious tutorial will cover the following:
  1. Light textures.
  2. Collage textures.
What you need:
  1. A few good textures.
  2. Photoshop CS or something similar.
  3. Knowledge of blending layers.
  4. A brain. Actually, maybe even half of yours will do nicely.

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This is it for now, folks. If you see graphics which use textures that you'd really like explained in a future tutorial, please let me know and I might just get around to it. Eventually I'll put this into an HTML file & offer it up at the DA account, but until then you can enjoy it here. This has been cross-posted to icon_tutorial & texturize, so apologies if you've seen it too much.
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community pimp: evilnoir

evilnoir is a selective membership, multi-fandom icon community focusing on the evil villains we all know and love. All fandoms are allowed, but the characters featured must be the antagonists in the given fandom.

There are a lot of communities out there for people to simply display their icons and our goal for this community is that it be more than that. We will hold periodic icon contests, some of which will be open to non-members as well. Winning first place in an icon contest will grant you automatic membership to the community. We will also hold the occasional "icon exchange" in which members can submit their requests for icons they wish to have and they will be assigned to fill the request of another member, based on their interests. Discussion among members and tutorials are welcomed as well.

It's no secret that communities run by phuck and ariesathena are bound to be high class graphical affairs, and I'm just squeeing on my end that I got in (as I didn't get in to sempra_elite when I applied, though that was ages ago & I've improved immensely). At any rate, most of my icons up till now have been a) Harry Potter, and b) light and fluffy. Hopefully you'll start seeing some changes around here soon, and I wouldn't put it past me that it's mostly because of finding things to post in evilnoir, just because it's that awesome. Anyway. Go check it out.
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graphics // Various Harry Potter: 40ish icons + 2 f/o banners

» 20 HP Promotional pictures icons
» 10 GoF movie icons
» 05 Tom Riddle/Voldemort icons
» 05 Misc contest entries
» 02 F/O banners (1 Cho, 1 Harry)

» Comment if you take.
» Credit hermintage@dungeonesque if you use.
» No redistribution / claiming as your own.
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